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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tips before trip

1. What information you should familiarize with before your trip?

Passengers are encouraged to find out information on:

The safety and health risks in the country you are traveling to;

Recommended vaccinations for travellers;

Passengers’ rights and obligations;

Legal information;

Restrictions and prohibitions;

The country you are travelling to - its customs and legislation.


2. What is the most important pre-flight checks?

Affected by stress and last preparations, do not forget to check before  going to the airport:

  • Do you have an identity document (passport or identity card);
  • Health and life insurance documents;
  • Travel funds.

3. Which country is risky to fly to or where it is recommended to apply additional security measures?

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia contains a list of countries with details and advice on health and safety. This is especially useful information when flying to other continents.